Mar 25 2017

Python Epiphanies : Exploring Fundamental Concepts

Python Epiphanies : Exploring Fundamental Concepts
Python Epiphanies : Exploring Fundamental Concepts
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Python Epiphanies : Exploring Fundamental Concepts

However, many intermediate Python developers aren't achieving their full potential with the language because of features and concepts they don't know, or that they partly know but find confusing because their understanding isn't quite right.
This video tutorial will help you by:
Clarifying exactly how names work. Names are one of features of Python most often poorly understood, especially for developers who think in terms of variables as containers for values.
Explaining namespaces and going into detail on all the language features that change them from assignment and del to function and class definitions. You'll then learn potentially confusing aspects of Python that, once you correctly understand names and namespaces, are no longer confusing.
Demonstrating several powerful features in Python that are often lacking in other language, such as generators and first class objects, in order to help you imagine more Pythonic solutions to problems.
Topics include:

The details of object creation and naming
Namespace changing features including assignment, del, import, function definition, class definition, and decorators
Disassembling CPython bytecode to understand some Python features
Iterables, iterators, and the iterator protocol
How to use generators to make your code easier to read and understand
Monkey patching classes, creating classes dynamically, and how bound methods work
Using special methods in classes
Several ways other than classes to bind data with functions
Python 3 features such as tuple assignment with extended iterable unpacking and keyword-only function arguments

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